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Welcome to Maria Jana (MJ) Publications and activities website where  efficient and entertaining writings are the motivation.  MJ Publications showcases the various publications and projects of Maria Jana. 

MJ Publications is expanding to medical and healthcare projects.  These important topics will be published from 2023.  The publications will cover all aspects of medical and healthcare issues.  Please look out for them!


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Neuroscience: An Innovation for Mankind


This book described and discussed the aetiology, diagnosis, treatments and types of autoimmune diseases, including the epidemiological data and health issues associated with it. 


  Autoimmune Diseases – A Practical Workbook AND Autoimmune Diseases – An Educational Seminar WorkBook.


The purpose of this educational seminar/workshop teaching is to explore the meaning, aetiology, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, prognosis and healthcare issues in autoimmune diseases in order to provide more knowledge to healthcare professionals on how to deal the challenges posed by autoimmune diseases in society with the aid of case studies. 



 Upcoming Books by Maria Jana

New Commissioned Textbooks by Maria Jana


Maria Jana has also commissioned four textbooks in:


  • Neurosciences
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgical Diseases 
  • Medical Biochemistry


These books will be published in the course of 2023.  For more information about them, please contact: 




Other Books  by  Maria Jana


Emil’s Magical Adventures is an exciting story filled with magic and fantasy worlds. Read as Emil travels through worlds, encounters monsters and makes friends and more on his adventurous journey back home.


The Little Royals is a sweet delightful book focusing on the tale of a family of little royals. Read to find out about the royals and their mischievous antics. It provided detailed stories of little royals in their kingdom, showcasing the lives of the little king, queen, princes and princesses. 


In Hayley’s Magical Adventures, four brave girls find a diamond, which leads them on an exciting adventure, leading them through to places they’ve never even heard of. Read to find how they make it home.


Many authors have tried to write about the effects of food on health, but the real impacts of food and lifestyles still cause many health problems like obesity, anorexia and bulimia among others.  Consequently, these problems have become big public health issues over the past decades. 


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Understanding Food and Health

  It has been argued that available texts are poorly understood by members of the public and health care professionals.  Hence in this book (Understanding Food and Health), we have provided simplified understanding of the composition of various food categories, and their impacts on health of the public.  Guides to belter healthy eating are also provided




Emil's Magical Adventure: The Stories of Magic and Mysteries

This book shows the bravely acts of a young man called Emil, whose inquisitive personality helped him to explore the lands of magical myths and adventures..


Little Royals: The Stories of Majesty and Pageantries


 It portrays all the sense of royal duties, majestic activities and pageantries in a chronology of flamboyant and sophisticated royal lives.  It also shows the importance of ceremonies and family lives of the little royals, and their extended families in their kingdoms.  The book also contains humorous scenes, celebrations and community ties with many fairy tales and also problems.

Hayley's Magical Adventures: The Stories of Magic and Mysteries


This book tells the stories of an adventurous girl called Hayley whose quest for answers and curiosity led her to discover amazing things in various lands and places. 




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In the life of a writer sometimes lots of things happen all at once (and sometimes nothing happens at all). I have created this website to communicate with you all and share some news about my life as an author, medical and healthcare professional and most importantly as a person. You can follow my work and activities, read my atest news on this website. If you want to find out more about my previous and upcoming activities feel free to contact me at I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

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